Ready to slash your food budget and improve food security?

The 5-Gallon Garden™ is a video series that walks you through the basics of starting a garden, no matter where you live! Learn how to grow vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers in your backyard – you’ll start harvesting in just six to eight weeks!

Skip the produce aisle. Grow a 5-Gallon Garden™!


Does this Sound Like You?

You’re tired of buying imported, subpar supermarket produce at premium prices.

You live in the 'burbs and you're limited on how much space you can use for planting a garden.

You struggle with finding enough time to maintain a vegetable garden. Weeds, ugh!

What if there was a way to harvest food all summer long without a lot of effort?

That’s exactly why I created the 5-Gallon Garden™! I want to help you grow flavorful food right in your backyard with an easy, low-cost method that can be used just about anywhere.

I’m sharing what I know from my experience in my own backyard…

Dreaming big is great, but starting small allows you to enjoy a harvest in a hurry, no matter where you live.

The backyard in my first home -- an urban condo -- was a tiny patch of concrete with a small strip of soil, but you can bet I figured out how to grow food there!

By embracing the idea of a small container garden, I learned skills that I've carried with me my entire life.

The 5-Gallon Garden™ course is really a lifetime in the making…

But implement the ideas here and you'll be harvesting food in about a month!

Ready to start growing some food?

(Yes. Yes you are!)

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In the 5-Gallon Garden™, you'll learn how to plant a garden from scratch with minimal time and effort. Learn about seed germination, choosing containers, and the specific types of vegetables that will grow in a compact area.

Right now, you’re dreaming of producing some of your own food but you just don’t know where to begin. It feels like such a huge undertaking!

Imagine if you could spend just an hour or two planting a small container garden that will produce a harvest for months on end. The 5-Gallon Garden™ will show you how!

Your Instructor

I’m Kris Bordessa, lifelong gardener and author of the award-winning book, Attainable Sustainable: The Lost Art of Self-Reliant Living from National Geographic. I’ve been growing my own food for many decades now, harvesting hundreds of pounds of vegetables each year.

I created the 5-Gallon Garden™ so everyone – no matter the size of their space or level of experience – can learn to grow some of their own food.

What Does this Course Cover?

Choosing Containers

From 5-gallon buckets to terra cotta pots and a multitude of upcycled containers, what's the best for your plants? We'll cover many of the options available.

Growing Conditions

The natural conditions in your garden area play a part in what you plant and how well it grows. You'll learn how to determine when (and what!) to plant in your container garden.

Choosing Crops

Before you decide what to grow, you’ll need to understand the types of crops and seeds that are available, so you can choose the plants that will make your garden a success.

Seeds & Seedlings

Should you start with seeds or seedlings? That’s a great big “it depends!” 😉 We’ll talk about the pros and cons of both so you can decide what works best for your situation.

A Dozen Crops to Try

Learn about the individual traits of popular garden crops -- tomatoes, beans, lettuce, and more -- that you can grow in containers right in your back (or front!) yard. 

Charts & Guides

Download numerous charts and guides, along with video transcripts, to help you get the most out of your growing space. Track your success as you begin your garden!


Walking out your back door and harvesting fresh greens for a salad...

Snipping fresh herbs to season your meals...

Slicing delicious heirloom tomatoes in a rainbow of colors. 

That's exactly what you can do with a 5-Gallon Garden™

Inside this course you'll get down-to-earth advice on how to get growing. Even if you have no experience and just a little bit of space.

I want you to have the confidence to grow your own food. 

Let me help you!

Inside the 5-Gallon Garden course I share:

  • How to choose and plant seeds for the best germination, and how to test for seed viability.
  • How to understand the life cycle and growth habits of various crops to help you decide what to plant.
  • Insight on the natural conditions in your garden area and how they play a part in what you plant and how well it grows.
  • The one thing every container MUST have.
  • How the soil you use can make — or break — a container garden.

Debbi Mahilum

“This course is the play-by-play guide you didn’t know you needed! It has given me a real understanding of how I can succeed by starting out small with a container garden.”

Jane Dutra Salemi

The 5-Gallon Garden is chock full of practical, easy to understand guidance to take a beginning gardener from start to success.


Who is the 5-Gallon Garden™ for?

Newbie Gardeners

Beginning small with a 5-Gallon Garden™ is the best way to learn all about growing food. This easily digested video course is for the people who've never grown a thing, wondering where do I even begin??

Urban Homesteaders

So many people are dreaming of a simpler life and embracing the idea of self-sufficient living. Even if you're short on space, you can learn the art of gardening now so you're ready to plant BIG in the future.


Yes, homeschoolers! What better way to teach your students about the life cycle of a plant than to let them watch it happen right in front of their eyes? Let them watch the course then have them plan and plant a 5-Gallon Garden™!

Take control of the food that your family consumes.

We've had some pretty eye-opening situations with our industrial food system in the past year. Food shortages and interrupted distribution left shelves bare in many grocery stores and supermarkets. And it made a lot of us realize how dependent we are on deliveries from around the world to put food on our table. Learning to grow food in our backyard allows us to provide food for our family, plus it couldn't be more local! 

You don't need a huge garden area, a rototiller, or fancy pants garden beds. 

You just need a little bit of know-how and some garden gloves. (No, those are optional, actually!)

In this video series I'll show you how to get started. And once you've watched? 

You'll be ready to start assembling materials and planting your first garden!

The big question is: What will you plant FIRST?

FAQs about The 5-Gallon Garden

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Videos Included

  1. Getting Started
  2. Welcome to the Course
  3. Choosing Containers
  4. Growing Conditions
  5. Know What you Sow
  6. Starting with Seeds
  7. Starting with Seedlings
  8. Growing Basil
  9. Growing Eggplant
  10. Growing Green Beans
  11. Growing Kale
  12. Growing Lettuce & Greens
  13. Growing Peas
  14. Growing Peppers
  15. Growing Swiss Chard
  16. Growing Tomatoes
  17. Wrapping it Up